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Are Editorial Spotify Playlists Effective for New Artists?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Editorial Spotify playlists are curated playlists created and promoted by Spotify's in-house editorial team.

They cover various genres, moods, and themes, and are often followed by a substantial number of users.

For new artists, getting their music featured on these playlists can potentially provide significant exposure and benefits.

Benefits of Being Featured on Editorial Playlists for New Artists

Editorial Spotify playlists offer several advantages for new artists looking to expand their reach and grow their audience:

  1. Exposure to a Wide Audience: Editorial playlists typically have a large number of followers, ranging from thousands to millions. Being featured on these playlists exposes new artists to listeners who might not have discovered their music otherwise.

  2. Credibility and Validation: The Spotify editorial team curates these playlists based on quality and relevance. Being selected for inclusion is a form of validation that can enhance an artist's credibility and reputation in the eyes of listeners, industry professionals, and other curators.

  3. Increased Streams and Followers: Placement on popular playlists can lead to a significant increase in streams, which can directly impact an artist's revenue. Additionally, many listeners who enjoy the featured track may choose to follow the artist's profile, leading to long-term engagement.

  4. Algorithmic Playlisting: Songs that perform well on editorial playlists might also be recommended by Spotify's algorithmic playlists, such as "Discover Weekly" and "Release Radar." This further extends the exposure and introduces the music to personalized audiences.

Challenges and Considerations

While editorial playlists offer substantial benefits, there are certain challenges and factors to consider for new artists:

  1. Competition: The competition for placement on editorial playlists is fierce, as countless artists vie for limited spots. The editorial team receives a high volume of submissions, making selection a competitive process.

  2. Quality and Fit: Editorial curators prioritize songs that align with the theme and mood of their playlists. New artists must ensure that their submissions match the playlist's style and sound.

  3. One-Time Boost vs. Sustained Growth: While being featured on an editorial playlist can result in a surge of streams, it's essential for artists to have a strategy in place to capitalize on this momentum and convert temporary listeners into long-term fans.

Tips for New Artists

Increasing the chances of being featured on editorial Spotify playlists requires a strategic approach:

  1. Professional Production: Ensure that your music is of high quality in terms of production, sound, and overall presentation.

  2. Research and Targeting: Study the various editorial playlists available and choose those that align best with your music's genre and vibe.

  3. Submit Wisely: When submitting your music, follow Spotify's guidelines and make sure your song is well-suited for the playlist you're targeting.

  4. Build a Profile: A well-optimized Spotify artist profile with an engaging bio, professional photos, and a consistent release schedule can leave a positive impression on curators.

  5. Promotion and Engagement: Prioritize promoting your song independently as well. Engage with your existing fanbase and use social media to generate interest.


Editorial Spotify playlists can be highly effective for new artists by providing exposure, credibility, and potential growth. However, artists should approach the process strategically, focusing on quality, relevance, and a comprehensive promotional strategy to maximize the benefits of being featured on these playlists.



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