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Two of the most unique and compelling new artists on the rise, CEO Trayle and Babyface Race dropped the video for the brilliantly executed, “Percocet Pain” - perfectly combining their unorthodox, drug-infused styles into a laid back, incredibly successful collab. “Percocet Pain” is one of the standout tracks of Trayle’s latest project, ‘Happy Halloween C4’ released on October 31st.

Built around a beautifully chill, flute-led instrumental almost entirely devoid of drums (produced by the wildly talented, blossoming super-producer Turbo), “Percocet Pain” has the hypnotic vocals and savage punchlines of Trayle and Ray front-and-center - waxing poetically about the many sources of pain in their respective lives, seemingly in an attempt to provide an explanation for their sometimes-questionable coping mechanisms.

The music video shows the rising superstars away from their home turf in what happens to be New York City (shot by the NY-based Alex & Tristan Demic of RingRing Visuals). Fun fact: while you probably wouldn’t have guessed it, Trayle was actually born and raised in NYC before moving to Chicago and eventually Atlanta - which could help to explain his unusual, wildly compelling understated style that defies any one particular regional sound.

The music video also serves as a commercial for Trayle’s new merch collection - a collaboration with Desto Dubb of “Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup” - featuring the now iconic opening line of his breakout single “OK Cool”: “You Good But You Ain’t Better Than A Perc”. (Also, worth noting that No Jumper had its own, retro-themed collab with Desto Dubb that debuted at Complexcon… and even caused a few outbursts)

Overall, CEO Trayle and Babyface Ray is an absolute dream pairing - with the song a video living up to all expectations. “Percocet Pain” is certainly one of the standouts off Trayle’s new project - along with tracks like “Novacane”, “Loose Lips”, and the remix to his viral breakout hit “OK Cool” featuring Gunna.

Check out the video for CEO Trayle’s “Percocet Pain” featuring Babyface Ray - and be sure to check out the rest of ‘Happy Halloween C4’.


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