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How to Get More YouTube Views on Your Music Video - Sarcastic Edition

If you're looking to skyrocket the views on your music video on YouTube, fear not!

Here are some totally serious and absolutely guaranteed techniques to help you achieve viral fame in no time:

1. Create Mediocre Content

  • Shoddy Production: Forget about investing in high-quality equipment or professional production. Just grab your phone, press record, and let the magic happen!

  • Bland and Generic Themes: Who needs creativity when you can stick to the same old clichés? Sing about love, heartbreak, or partying like everyone else. Originality is overrated!

2. Ignore Optimization

  • Avoid Keywords: Don't waste your time researching keywords or understanding what people are actually searching for. Just throw random words together in your title, description, and tags.

  • Ugly Thumbnails: Design an eye-catching thumbnail that is visually repulsive, confusing, or misleading. Make sure it has nothing to do with your video to confuse potential viewers even more.

  • Don't Bother with Descriptions: Leave your video description empty or fill it with unrelated information. Who needs context anyway?

3. Skip Promotion

  • Hide Your Video: Keep your video a well-guarded secret. Don't share it on social media, websites, or any platform where people might actually find and watch it.

  • No Collaboration: Avoid collaborating with other artists or influencers in your genre. Remember, you're a lone wolf, and teaming up with others would just ruin your artistic integrity.

  • Stay Silent: Don't bother telling your existing fans about your new video. They'll magically find it on their own, right?

4. Ignore Your Audience

  • Ignore Comments: Who needs engagement? Ignore comments from your viewers. They're just pesky individuals who took time out of their lives to watch and share their thoughts on your video.

  • Forget Call-to-Actions: Why bother asking people to like, share, or subscribe? Let them figure it out for themselves. You don't want to come across as desperate, after all.

  • Disappear on Social Media: Ghost your fans on social media. They're probably not interested in your life or updates. Who needs a loyal and engaged fanbase anyway?

5. Avoid YouTube Features and Advertising

  • Screw SEO: Don't bother organizing your channel or using features like end screens and cards. Let YouTube's algorithm play roulette with your video's visibility.

  • Don't Waste Money: Why spend money on advertising campaigns? Just rely on the universe to magically spread the word about your music video. It worked for others, right?

  • Ignore YouTube Premieres: Who needs a premiere when you can just randomly drop your video without any build-up or excitement? Premieres are for artists who actually want people to anticipate their work.

Follow these foolproof steps, and you'll surely watch as your music video collects virtual dust in the depths of YouTube's algorithm. Remember, sarcasm aside, quality content, strategic optimization, promotion, and engaging with your audience are the real keys to success on YouTube.



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