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Nandis Wrld Releases the Heartfelt and Inspiration Single, “Can Not Fail”

When your back is against the wall and the path ahead seems blurred, Nandis Wrld’s single, “Can Not Fail” is the perfect track to get up and keep going.

Fernando Daniel Colon aka Nandis Wrld is the lyrical storyteller out of Reading, Pennsylvania, with the ability to pen songs that express relatable emotions through smooth flows and superior rhyme schemes. His full-length debut album “Now or Never” arrived on November 6th as a poetic offering to the world. It’s depth of lyricism and meaningful messages painted life experiences in the minds of fans as they fell in love with every track penetrating their ear.

With the album receiving compliments and praises, Nandis Wrld has given the album track, “Can Not Fail” the visual treatment through the lens of videographer, MG Visuals. Traveling to the mountains at the reading Pagoda in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania, Nandis Wrld raps the track’s emotional bars inside of a Catholic Church. The location was fitting for the story that inspired the concept of the visuals. “Can Not Fail” expresses the hardships and struggles that you endure, creating insecurities and doubts in yourself. The song dials in on the hopeless feeling trying to understand why God seems to have forsaken your life. The lyrics switch to uplifting listeners, reminding them that pressure builds diamonds and to trust their process throughout life’s journey. “Can Not Fail” instills a fire in fans to keep going, to never quit, to face obstacles without fear and do whatever it takes to overcome and live up to the purpose God intends for their life.

Nandis Wrld connects the ambiance of the music video to perfectly reflect the meaning of the track “Can Not Fail.” Check out the new music video to dismiss any thoughts of failure, for failure isn’t an option.


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