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Saba – “Stop That”

Chicago rapper Saba recently announced the new album Few Good Things, the follow-up to his heavy 2018 opus CARE FOR ME. It now has a concrete release date: February 4. And today, he’s chasing the upbeat, funky lead single “Fearmonger” with a harder new song called “Stop That,” produced by Saba himself alongside Daoud and daedaePIVOT. In a statement, Saba says:

I feel like more often than not, we let our own judgement of ourselves knock our confidence off before anyone else even offers any feedback. Our own insecurities ring really loudly in our heads, to the point where we make ourselves smaller before giving anyone else the chance to. This is something that I feel like I found myself beginning to do over the years. Hiding from the uncomfortable moment. And this song works as my noticing and correcting that.

Listen to “Stop That” below.


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