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Book shows without a booking agent

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Booking agents play a crucial role in the music industry by connecting artists with show organizers and managing the details of the performance. By leveraging their network and expertise, they help artists focus on creating and performing their music while ensuring they have a successful career. However, artists can book their own shows without the help of an agent.

Booking shows as an upcoming artist is an important step in building a successful music career. By performing live, you can reach new audiences, develop your craft, establish a professional reputation, generate income, network and showcase your brand and music.

Here are the steps to book a show at a local venue as a rising musician:

  1. Research venues: Identify local venues that fit your music style and target audience. Check out their websites and social media accounts to get an idea of the type of events they host.

  2. Make connections: Attend local music events, introduce yourself to venue managers and other musicians, and build relationships.

  3. Prepare a professional pitch: Create a clear and compelling pitch that highlights your experience, music style, and what makes you unique.

  4. Reach out to venues: Contact the venue managers by email, phone or in-person, introduce yourself and your music, and ask if they have any available dates for a performance.

  5. Negotiate terms: If the venue is interested, negotiate the terms of the show, including date, payment, promotion, and technical requirements.

  6. Promote the show: Utilize your social media and email list to promote the show and build excitement among your fans.

  7. Prepare for the performance: Make sure to have a polished and engaging live performance, and bring all the necessary equipment and materials to the show.

By following these steps, a rising musician can book a show at a local venue and reach new audiences. Building strong relationships with venue managers and promoting your music can increase the chances of booking future shows.


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